Letter: From QUB Palestinian Solidarity Society

Dear Editor,

Our society would like to appeal to all students at Queen’s to take the issue of Palestine seriously this year.

Students in Northern Ireland for the very first time have an amazing opportunity to utilise the policies of the Northern Ireland student movement (NUS-USI) in progressing a serious approach to Palestinian human rights.

Solidarity with the oppressed is something that many students are highly regarded for participating in and the many who are studying at our university, especially those who study politics or human rights based subjects should take the opportunity to throw their enthusiasm towards the achievement of genuine conflict resolution in Israel Palestine.

For this reason, our society invites students new and old to engage with us as much as possible and as often as is convenient for them.

The society is open for all studying at Queen’s and we hold no political affiliations so as to avoid the unfortunate but common stereotypes foisted upon Isreal – Palestinian issues in Northern Ireland.

Our line up for this year includes talks from Israeli and Palestinian activists here at the University along with academic engagement.

For any questions please email mailto:palestine.solidarity@qub.ac.uk, like Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

As society President I am also available most of the time to dialogue with those interested in the society.

Young people, especially those in higher and further education have proven to be instrumental in growing grassroots support on social justice issues which is why student societies that have involved members is such a vital contribution to the movement for Palestine.

Mr Gary Spedding
President – QUB Palestine Solidarity Society


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