Welcome to The New Gown Website


We’ve been quiet for a while, but we haven’t gone away. Our new website doesn’t just look better, it will be updated more frequently and we hope that all of our readers will interact more with the Gown in our many different formats.

Sign up to our mailing list using the link at the right hand side, like our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share any articles you like. The Gown is only available to read in so many formats to makes sure than we reach as many readers as possible, so take advantage of all of our outlets. We will be in print again next month, so keep your eyes and ears open to hear where and when you can pick up the first paper copy of 2012/2013.

The Gown team has expanded this year and I am delighted to announce the full team list for the first time:


Megan Liddy

Arts & Ents
Sub Editor – Peter McLaughlin
Assistants – Conor Kerr & Matthew Law


Sub Editor – Romano Mullin
Assistant – Matt Gillen


Sub Editor – Niamh Marley
Special Interest Assistant
Connor Bamford – Medicine and QUB Research


Sub Editor – Aisling Gallagher
Assistants – Fiachra O’Maolocraoibhe, Hannah Semple

Opinion Assistant – Neal Baker
Weather Reporter – Brad Campbell


Sub Editor – Megan Joyce
Assistant – Conor McParland


Business Management

Nicole McShane, Orry Robinson

Web Management

Web Designer – Neil Andrews
Web Network Manager – Jamie Andrews

Web Flow Manager – Tyler McNally

Photographic Editor
Tyler McNally

Please find the team email addresses in the ‘Contact Us’ section at the top left corner of the page.

The Hood continues to do his dirty work, but of course, I won’t reveal his identity. You can like The Hood on Facebook, follow him on Twitter or tip off The Hood by emailing him upthehood@outlook.com.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped us relaunch our website, everyone from the team and beyond, old and new. The best is yet to come, I hope you’re as excited for this year as I am.

One response to “Welcome to The New Gown Website

  1. Hello Megan,

    Congratulations on the new website. Having edited Gown in 1967 (it had temporarily shed the definite article), I’m delighted to know that it’s still flourishing and has maintained its independence. It kick-started my career in publishing and I’ve many happy memories of those midnight shifts.

    Best wishes,

    Brian Bell


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