Exclusive : The Gown Sessions: Ryan Annett – Overload

Ryan Annett performing in Musgrave Park, Belfast, in late August 2012, exclusively for the Gown.
With Special thanks to Ultan Rooney.

Ryan Annett is a nineteen year old singer/ song writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who predominantly plays the acoustic guitar. He has taken part in two music competitions, winning his region in the 2011 Rock The House music competition, but failing to make the final ten in the UK.  Ryan won The Voice of Belfast music competition in December 2011, winning recording time at the international recording company CloudNineStudios.

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He is left handed and is entirely self-taught and has been playing for just under three and a half years. While his music to date mostly just uses acoustic guitars, a number of his songs feature loop pedals. Ryan would refer to himself as a percussion guitarist, due to the technique he applies of hitting different parts of the guitar to simulate rhythmic and drumming sounds – the aim being to create a more dynamic and layered sound. Musicians that inspire Ryan are the likes of Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Eric Mongraine, Muse and Paramore.

For more from Ryan, visit:


And follow him on Twitter @RyanAnnettMusic

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