Interview : Deerstalker

An Interview with Deerstalker

Deerstalker perform at Auntie Annie’s on Wednesday 19th September So, this is your first EP guys. What was it like recording your very own record? Olly: Funny Matthew: Class O: We captured the sound really well. Frankie’s a brilliant producer – probably one of the best in NI, so it was a pleasure to work with him. It finally forced us to lay down a solid structure for all the songs Andrew: It’s like a point of reference M: The Battle of the Bands we won gave it as a prize, so it felt good getting the studio time through a bit of hard work What bands/artists have inspired the sound of Deerstalker? O: Very riff-based music – a lot of the ideas are influenced by people like Queens of the Stone Age and Mastadon M: Metallica originally, so my drumming style is very influenced by them A: I like a lot of Nirvana, but also stuff like Biffy Clyro, or Switchfoot O: We all take influences from loads of different bands, these are just the ones that shine through. I wrote ‘Unsung Hero’ to a waltz beat like you’d hear in ‘Fur Elise’, so it’s kind of a modern day stab at it? What is the bands favourite song to perform live? M: “You’re still Light Years from Facing Brock” O: …”Brock” A: ….”Brock”. We also like doing Nirvana’s”Territorial Pissings”. Just to freak people out O: I love jamming on “Want You To Know This” until it’s like ten minutes long… What sort of subject matter is being covered in the songs on Wendigo? O: The songs tend to all be pretty cynical – how boring everyday life can become and how crap its distractions are. But, there is an underlying theme of living life without these boring distractions – so it’s sort of got a message of revolution. “Unsung Hero”, for example, is about how hard it is to live as an individual in Belfast. A: It’s all about having a bit of integrity M: Just because we’re a Northern Irish band, doesn’t mean we have to try and sound like one What does Deerstalker have in store for us in the coming months? O: We’re planning

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some surprises over the next while M: But, Olly’s going to Newcastle to do Dentistry, so there will be a brief hiatus O: Number of hiatus-es A: Still, when he’s back we’ll be gigging and writing like crazy, so hopefully there’ll be an album (or at least another EP) in the next year O: Ten minutes before this interview we were actually writing a new song.. Questions by Matthew Law. Responses by Deerstalker. For more from Deerstalker, visit: You can download Wendigo on iTunes.  

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