Concert Review: Lady Gaga – Born This Way Ball at the Aviva Stadium

By Conor Kerr

A seemingly permanent fixture on a Lady Gaga support bill, long time friend of Gaga, Lady Starlight opened the show with a set that can only be described as bizarre. Featuring eclectic backing tracks and pretentious art films, the majority of her set involved some sort of interpretive dance whilst removing an array of masks. Her tiresome thirty minute set concluded with a “special thanks to nobody.” The only thanks she received was for leaving the stage.

With latest album Hot Cakes selling like, well, hot cakes, The Darkness have proved, in the studio at least, that they are back and better than ever. With a high profile support slot like this, they delivered on the live front too. Playing new songs like “Every Inch Of You” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us,” delving into a back catalogue that featured classics like “Growing On Me” and of course “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”, and thanks to handstands, high-kicks, and skin tight catsuits, they undoubtedly left with more fans than they came with.

Eventually, it was time for the Art-Pop extravaganza that is the Born This Way Ball. Arrivin

g to the sound of “Highway Unicorn” on the back of an animatronic  unicorn, the show was set to be a spectacle that only Lady Gaga could deliver. Backing dancers and unicorns aside, the concert was very much centred on the music, with extra theatrics not just an expected Gaga necessity, but an integral part of her “Electro-Metal Pop-Opera.” The hits were non-stop, with songs from every album getting a run through, from “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance,” to “” and “The Edge of Glory.” Between the songs Gaga humoured the 50,000 strong crowd with tales and anecdotes as well as stating her love for her Irish fans, the Irish gay scene, and how Dublin “is a place of unity, love, acceptance, and togetherness.”

Behind the costumes, theatrics, and giant fairytale castle, it’s quite clear that Ms Germanotta shares an equal passion for her music and for her fans. Picking several fans from the “monster pit” she paraded around the circular walkway telling the story of her life. It culminated with a shot of Jameson whiskey each (“I asked if they were over 18 and if they’re not, there’s lots more illegal shit going on”), and a performance of “Marry The Night.” A true artist who has presented a phenomenon that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.