Music Feature: Marcus Foster is Back – a preview of The Last House EP

By Darren McCullins

If Nameless Path was the album where London born Marcus Foster found his feet in a cut throat genre, then he has bought some swanky new shoes and is swaggering through it with beautiful confidence now. The critically acclaimed debut album, released last September, can be regarded as a success following fruitful tours as both headline and support acts which took his talents around the globe, accumulating scores of new fans and admirers. Not resting on his laurels though, Marcus Foster has used his spare time while on the road to pen some new songs, and now he’s back and soulful as ever.

The best of his new material is the new single Worn Down by Time. Starting calmly, accommodating the tension of his story telling, the song gradually builds before unleashing Foster’s blinding passion, as he bellows out his handcrafted lyrics with his spirit-gargled voice.

The huskiness of his vocal performance hits notes that only hosts of canine DNA pick up when I attempt to sing along. Listen to this song once and you’ll appreciate it, listen a few times more and you could be in love. My advice is to ensure when listening to have room to tap your feet, have space to wave your hand in the air like a deep-south American Preacher Man and not to care about the stares that other public-transport users may give you. Trust me; you can’t fight the urge sometimes.

“I wanted Worn Down by Time to sound similar to an old Otis Redding song or a bit like the way Van Morrison played with The Band on The Last Waltz. It has an old school sound to it.” Marcus Foster.

You may have missed Marcus’ previous gigs here in Belfast; he has already played in the Black Box and the Oh Yeah Music Centre in the Cathedral Quarter, as recently as Bushmills Live in the City in June. If you did miss these shows or simply hadn’t yet heard of him, then don’t worry; a UK tour is scheduled following the release of his upcoming mini-album The Last House, tour dates are to be released soon. This expedition of music will follow his support-act role touring with the impressive Michael Kiwanuka in the US.  These tours alone are recognition of the progress made by Foster in the industry.  He holds the respect of his fellow artists, particularly the likes of our very own Foy Vance, who he has shared a stage with.

Marcus Foster makes real music, composed with genuine heart and this is how any artist worth their salt should find their way to the top, the X-Factor is no option for those who express through their music, and this is what Marcus Foster has always done through both his song writing and his personal, remarkable live performances. Give him a try.

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