Gig Review: Fake Blood at Stiff Kitten (6th October 2012)

By Orla McCreevy

Known for his diverse style within house and electro music, Fake Blood performed at Stiff Kitten on 6th October to a hoard of screaming fans. With his unique stage presence and quirky incorporation of anything from classical violin to violent vomiting sounds within his tracks he is a must-see for any electroclash, hip-hop or house loving enthusiast.

Fake Blood’s most recent single “Yes/No”, from the album Cells, received a very evident ‘yes’ from the crowd. The track, with a slightly haunting keyboard backdrop and delicately timed drum beat, created a fantastical and eerie atmosphere. Combined with the flickering lighting it was the perfect way to break up the tone of his set.

Unlike many of

today’s DJs, Fake Blood makes use of a turntable rather than creating his music from production software on a laptop. This allows for the full authentic effect of the scratching of the vinyl from his songs, and also allowed for spontaneous mixing on stage. The DJ took full advantage of his tempo choice, edging us to the pinnacle of each track with a consistent build-up of bass so gritty that you could almost feel it in your throat. His innovative sampling produces a fresh sound, and his seamless mixing skills provide a real intensity to the music.

Fake blood kept his set succinct and minimalistic without jeopardizing the quality or resounding effect of his music. From the vast amount of synthesized music being produced in the industry it can be difficult to find a DJ who brings something distinctive to the tracks, a sound that we have not heard repeated in so many others before. Fake Blood generates sounds from jazz and blues to disco and funk, and he entranced the crowd throughout with evident expertise.


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