Album Review: We Are the Physics – Your Friend, The Atom (This is Fake DIY; 2012)

By Ryan Annett

We Are the Physics are in no way conventional. Self-diagnosed, the Glaswegians describe themselves as “mutant science punk rock”. I suppose the best way to try and explain that would be to pop on their new album “Your Friend, The Atom” and let it assault your earlobes.

On first listening, I immediately thought of Buddy Holly and Electric Six: the album is full of energ

y and intensity and they show a lot of creativity in forming different soundscapes.

There is a definite rock theme to the music – with heavy drums and bass and some gut-busting guitar solos – and yet the vocals have an indie edge to them.

A couple of the songs I would keep an eye out for are “Goran Ivanisevic” (which is already gaining a lot of attention on YouTube), “Olivia Neutron Bomb” and “Napoleon Loves Josephine

The only issue I had with the album is that it did seem a little one dimensional, which, I suppose, depending on preference, is what will make them either an instant favourite or an immediate turnoff.