Exhibition Review: Outside and Between at the Golden Thread

By Jordan Hanna

Martin Wedge, Human #14, 2000 from Human Series 1-30, oil on panel, 30.5 x 30.5 cm

          The Golden Thread is hosting its ninth exhibition from the twelve part Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art series. This most recent one Outside and Between is curated by Shân McAnena and features the work of several Northern Irish artists. McAnena’s aim was to show artists who were “deeply rooted in the landscape and the built environment: the light; the people; their history and their mythology.”

The art on show varies well.  There is sculpture; oil on canvas and photography.  The way in which the gallery has been laid out makes for a surreal experience too.

On entering, there is a sculpture feat

uring a butcher disembowelling a wolf, by Betty Brown, that is (despite how it sounds) cartoon-esque, with its bright colour and abstract figures.

Another feature is a soundscape by Michael Alcorn named “Patina”.  Through the use of eight loudspeakers the artist attempts to make you feel as though you are contained within a resonating metal structure. It is debateable whether or not this is achieved; however walking through this section of the gallery is certainly exciting.

The exhibition is an excellent representation of Northern Irish art at its best.  The majority of the pieces were excellent, but one artist I found to be particularly good was Rory Moore. The only photographer featured in this gallery; his pieces – on the theme of taxidermy – stood out. Moore takes stuffed animals and brings them back to their original habitat, for example in “Bunaninver Totem” we find a trophy deer-head fixed to a tree in the woods. The images are artificially lit and glossy; aesthetically pleasing and impressive – with invariably beautiful backgrounds.

Outside and Between has been running from 18th October, and will continue until 24th November, and I would encourage everyone to pay it a visit.  It is a display of Northern Irish creativity at its very best.


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