An Interview With… Matt Cardle

On 31st October X Factor winner Matt Cardle made a public appearance in Belfast to promote his new album. The album, titled “The Fire” is the singer’s second studio album since he won the show in 2010.  The Gown caught up with him before he was to meet with fans in the HMV store in Belfast. In this interview he explained his musical influences, how he enjoys his meetings with fans and his hopes for the new album.

Questions by Jennifer Gorman

What can your fans expect from this album?

Matt: “In terms of production on the last album Letters, I wasn't involved as much as I would have liked, so with this album I wanted to push it towards being more me. This album differs from Letters in that there is a different feel and sound plus I had the opportunity to create that myself, given that I had more control over production. It may be cliché to say but it is more of me.”

In what way is the sound of this album different?

Matt: “Again I feel that it is more a sound that I want to produce, I was able to have more of a say in the instrumentation of the album. I could choose to include the instruments that I felt worked well such as the piano. In addition, I had the opportunity to play the instruments myself this time around.”

What was it like working in Los Angeles during the production of this album?

Matt: “It was incredible; I got the chance to spend a month over there. It gave me the opportunity to have great sessions with the writers and this in turn helped me to develop my own writing style. I worked alongside some great people in the business.”

How has your own writing style progressed?

Matt: “I have further developed the ability to write from experiences, I think it's important to take something from everything you do. I take situations that I have been through and express them through music. With this album, it's been really great to have had the freedom to do that.”

What is the reason behind the title of this album?

Matt: “It's called 'The fire' aft

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er a track on the album of the same name. This track was the first that I started writing and it was the last to be completed out of all the songs, so I decided that it was special in that way and so gave the album that name also.”

What would you say was the main inspiration behind the tracks on this album?

Matt: “It was really the breakup of my relationship, so I just worked through that and the tracks developed through taking a few different angles from that experience.”

Do you have a favourite song from the album?

Matt: “Yes, I do, its track 9 which is called 'Lately' and it's because I wrote it on the piano, I really enjoyed that and the piano features quite heavily on this track. The meaning of the song is that things are going to get better. I had the basics for the song before going out to Los Angeles but it was there that it really developed and I loved how that worked out.”

You have no collaboration's on this album but if you were to ever collaborate in the future, which artist would you want it to be with?

Matt: “I have many influences in the industry, this album has been inspired by the work of Frank Sinatra and Amy Winehouse but if I was to do collaboration, I think it would be with Chris Martin from Coldplay, I'm a massive fan of his work.”

The last track of the album is your cover of Roberta Flack's 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', what was the reason for the inclusion of this song on your album?

Matt: “It had a nostalgic element in that it was related to my time on the X Factor. For me, that was a major moment on the show and so it was good to re visit that and capture it on record.”

In terms of being here today, what is it like for you having the opportunity to meet with fans?

Matt: “It's absolutely brilliant, it's great to have the opportunity to meet with the fans face to face and thank them for their support.”

And finally…You are included in the lineup for Cool FM's Jingle Ball on 5th December, are you looking forward to performing in Belfast and will you be performing new tracks from 'The Fire'?

Matt: “Yes, it's always great to come back and perform. I think it's going to be fun and there is an amazing line up, so it will be good to see all the other artists there too. I will be singing the new songs, it will be a great opportunity to let the fans hear them live and the new single is out by then too.”