Why Do Women Hate Other Women?


Let’s face it ladies, we’ve all had a Regina George moment, or five. We tend to become incredibly more competitive, over the most trivial things, with other women than men. But is this catty, bitchy attitude merely a fact of life that we can let slide or is it something that holds women back? Can women be guilty of rebuilding their glass ceiling? Comedian Chris Rock made the statement that “women should rule the world, but won’t …because women hate other women”. So what accounts for this Mean Girls-esque mentality?

We have all had the experience of reading Samantha Brick’s article, so modestly entitled “Why Do Women Hate Me for Being Beautiful?” and honestly, this statement could be down to Ms Brick’s own vanity than anything else.

Psychologist Lynn Margolis on the other hand, has suggested that women are not naturally conditioned to be competitive in the same way as men, and therefore use “catty” means to get rid of this competitiveness. Does this mean that, for example, female athletes, who have a forum for their competitive nature, tend not to have this jealously and envy over others?

The strains on modern women can also account for this behaviour. Modern day women are expected to be smart, attractive with a great career and family life, and women are said to look at other females “who have it all” with envy. This is despite the stark reality that nobody’s life is perfect, however much you might wish it to be so.

Whatever makes women sharpen their claws, there is no denying that it happens. there is also no denying that it is often absolutely hilarious to watch, as long as you don’t get on the wrong side of it…