Theatre Preview: Forget Turkey!( We’re going to Phuket this Christmas) at the Lyric Theatre

Forget Turkey! tickets being gobbled up at the Lyric

As millions of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day this Thursday, the Lyric Theatre has come up with some essential facts about turkey to celebrate its forthcoming Christmas show.

Rehearsals are heating up for the Lyric Theatre’s hilarious festive review of the year Forget Turkey!( We’re going to Phuket this Christmas) directed by Dan Gordon which, as the name suggests, has nothing to do with eating turkey.

However, in keeping with the spirit of the show here are some fun facts for Thanksgiving:

  • Dan Gordon’s most famous character, Red Hand Luke has a lot in common with turkeys whose throat and head changes colour to shades of red, white and blue when excited or distressed!
  • Did you know Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the wild turkey and not the bald eagle the national bird of the United States of America?
  • Most domestic turkeys are so heavy they are unable to fly.
  • Wild turkeys can fly and sleep in low branches of trees.
  • Male turkeys are also called “Tom Turkeys” or “Gobblers” who puff up their bodies and spread their tail feathers like a peacock to attract a mate.
  • More of us than ever are eating turkey as sales increased by 18% last Christmas as the value of the market rose to £77m, according to the British Turkey Federation.

Thanksgiving marks just weeks away from Christmas and if you’re not yet in the festive spirit, then join the throngs of theatre-goers flocking to the Lyric for its hilarious review of 2012.

Forget Turkey!( We’re going to Phuket this Christmas) is set in an A&E department where Anne and Edgar find themselves at Christmas… beside an elderly man on a trolley and aided by not so innocent members of the public.

Local writers Colin Murphy, Gary Mitchell and Dan Gordon have penned a gloriously funny tribute to 2012, where nothing is sacred. From golfing successes and banking crises to banned bonuses and Olympic triumphs, the Lyric’s review looks back on a memorable year ripe for satire.

A talented line-up of Michael Condron (Macbeth), Maria Connolly (Dancing Shoes), Jo Donnelly (The Long Road) and Chris Robinson (Brendan at the Chelsea) will ensure your laughing in the aisles this Christmas.


“How was your year? Titanic? Olympic? Gigantic? Nomadic? Gold Medal-winning or sunk without trace?” said writer and director, Dan Gordon. “Did you celebrate or commemorate did you march or spectate – come and relive or revile it with us. Laugh at the past and grit your teeth at the future and wonder why it always happens to us. Or if you've been in a bubble for the past twelve months then come and see what you've missed.”

For groups of between 10 and 80 people, make a night of it and arrive an hour before the performance for some festive bowl food, mince pie and glass of wine.

Forget Turkey! (We’re going to Phuket this Christmas) runs on the Danske Bank Stage from 13 December 2012 to 13 January 2013 (previews 9, 11 & 12 December). Tickets from £10 – £18. To book contact the Lyric box office on 028 9038 1081 or online at


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