Album Review: Green Day – Dos (Reprise; 2012)


The second in the album trilogy for Green Day is titled, appropriately, Dos. The trilogy’s final release, Tre, will be released in December, and following that the band will begin their tour in 2013.

Dos covers a lot of bases. Punchy riffs and playful lyrics echo the young attitudes of 90s Green Day;Warning  and Dookie images in “Fuck Time” and “Makeout Party”. However, the sexual lyrical hooks and copious swearing bring to mind images of prodding a tired concept that the band need to get past at their age. “Ashley” gives off a “Jesus of Suburbia”, American Idiot-esque vibe, but with much darker tones and themes of drug abuse and violence. “Stray Heart” and “Wild One” indulge the rock genre that Green Day edge along, though these tracks contrast hugely to “Nightlife” and “Lady Cobra”.

The album maintains circularity with the opening “See You Tonight” and “Amy”: both acoustic pieces are haunting and completely stripped back, and they highlight Armstrong’s lyrical strength.

“Amy” is the stand out song on Dos. It is a poignant tribute to the late Amy Winehouse that, as Billie Joe calls Dos a ‘party record’, depicts the consequences of such a party and lifestyle. “Amy” is also a stark reminder of his stint in rehab last year, which makes this record even more touching.

The second part of the trilogy was always going to prove tough for the band; Uno was a fresh record that successfully revived old times, whereas, unfortunately, Dos is more the tired middle child. Green Day can only hope for a good two out of three when Tre is released in December.

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