Gig Review: Funeral for a Friend at the Limelight


Walking into The Limelight to see Funeral for a Friend, I felt an air of nostalgia.  This was a band that I loved as a 15 year old emo-kid with a side-fringe and a bad attitude, but despite my excitement for this return to my youth, I was also well aware of the many problems the band has had since my moshing days.

The problems I am referring too are that despite the band’s impressive 10 year run, Funeral for a Friend only consists of a small fraction of original members, and of course the band have been bounced off many a record label.

However, I decided to put this out of my head and enjoy the show, and enjoy I did. The opening act “Major League” kicked things off with a fast-paced blend of pop-punk and screamo that really left me pumped after their set.

Once Funeral for a Friend took to the stage, they gave a wonderful show. Despite some interesting decisions, such as omitting their hit single “Into Oblivion (reunion),” from their set, they put 100% into their performance, and it was easy to respect the dedication in their performance.

Lead singer Matthew Davis supplied crisp, clean vocals throughout, and the band were energetic and solid.

After ten years, one would hope for a level of consistency – and that is what Funeral for  Friend offers.  The band seemed to care about their fans and care about their performance.  It didn’t come across as a conciliatory money tour.  As importantly though, they put on a great show.  Funeral for a Friend are still impressive as a live band – and as people – after a decade in the music industry, and that’s a rare thing.


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