Gig Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Limelight (10/03/2013)


The (named after the gang in the film The Wild One) live experience is not easily forgotten.  The first thing that strikes you is the mix of different generations in the audience: from the teenagers to the mature rock’n’roll addicts. The band, who released their first album in 2001, are able to please so many different generations due to influences and similarities in style with bands such as The Rolling StonesThe Brian Jonestown Massacre or The Velvet Underground.

Black Rebel… played a variety of tracks; from their most famous song “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo,” to “Let the Day Begin,” the new single from Specter at the Feast (released March 18th 2013).

On stage, the charismatic Robert Turner (originally Robert Levon Been, son of Michael Been, The Call’s singer) juggles the classic rock’n’roll movements while Peter Hayes, in a more uncluttered style, adopts the shoegazer stance. The replacement of Nick Jago by Leah Shapiro (The Raveonettes” touring drummer) does not affect the band’s chemistry – a chemistry which adds to the feeling of their authenticity as artists whilst on stage.

The climax of the concert was when Peter Hayes started to sing the first lyrics of the famous “Spread Your Love”. The crowd’s singing became more passionate, people started to dance and the mosh pit exploded. After an encore, Robert Turner thanked the public and the band departed for Dublin; the next city on their touring schedule. This gig had everything you can expect of a live show: powerful performers, good musicians and great lighting effects.

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