An Interview with…KT Tunstall


 KT Tunstall spoke to Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor, Conor Kerr, about her new album Invisible Empire/Cresent Moon and touring. 

What ideas or themes do you explore on Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon? How much of the material was drawn from personal experience?

All of my music has an element of personal experience, but this album particularly so. Mortality, truth, love, re-birth, trust, all the big ones!

What song from Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon are you most proud of? 

I’m proud of different songs for different reasons, but ‘Crescent Moon’ is special for me as it was very liberating to write and record. It has unusual form, constantly shifting arrangements, and the whole thing speaks to me regardless of whether there are words being sung or not.

Do you have a favourite song or songs to play live, or does that depend on where you’re playing?

I’m loving playing ‘Made of Glass’, it’s a great vocal workout! The whistle solo was performed by Andrew Bird, a great US singer-songwriter, and I really think my whistle is improving after trying to copy it. I also love playing the distorted guitar solo in ‘Feel It All’.

Do you have any projects planned after all the touring?

Absolutely. I have written a film script with my friend and producer of ‘Tiger Suit’, Jim Abbiss, for which we will also do the soundtrack. Ridiculous amounts of fun.

Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon is out now.

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