An Interview with…Justin Lockey from Editors


After a four year hiatus, the Birmingham-based band Editors are making a welcome return to the Indie scene. Their latest album ‘The Weight of Your Love’ is out now. Along with British Sea Power, they’ll be playing the Mandela Hall on the 19th November and we caught up with guitarist Justin before their show.

Hi Justin! How’s the tour going?

Very well! We’ve been out since the middle of September, so we’ve only been back in the U.K. for like a week.

Is there a difference between a U.K. and a European audience?

Massively different. Out there, they have a different culture to watching bands. Both crowds are brilliant, in different ways though.

What’s it like touring with British Sea Power?

They’re lovely, absolutely lovely people. Massive ping pong enthusiasts. Just absolutely super nice people.

Editors have a new album out, what were the musical influences on it?

I’m not sure, there’s a massive wide range of musical influences within the band so that’s a hard one to answer. Perhaps American Alternative music has had more of an influence on this record than the others. But I can’t pin down any bands.  

It differs from your previous records, was that an intentional route the band took?

Definitely.  After we did the third record we were keen to move away from synths and get back to guitars.

Are you listening to any new artists at the moment?

Honestly, there’s not many. I’m mostly listening to an album by a lady called Agnes Obel whose new record is just ridiculously good, it’s amazing. Saying that though, the last thing I wanna do after a tour is listen to music or see any bands play, after being on tour for three months you get kind of sick of bands in general.

With the passing of Lou Reed, If and How did he influence your music?

Yeah, we all like Lou Reed. The first things I learned to play on guitar were all Velvet Underground songs, so he’s quite important in that respect, definitely. That means a lot I suppose. It’s one of those things, like people dig records out when they die but you shouldn’t have to wait till they die, they should be out all the time. Especially nowadays cause it just goes on Twitter and everyone just jumps on the bandwagon of pretending they always loved them.

Are you excited to be playing Belfast again? How do you find the Belfast crowd?

Ofcourse I am! Belfast is a great city. They’re a great crowd. We always have a good time in Belfast.

Editors play at Mandela Hall on the 19th of November. Tickets found here:


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