Concert Review: Editors at Mandela Hall (19/11/13)


There was a time, around 2007 or so, that Indie music was at its highest height of popularity. However the scene soon quietened and many of those skinny jeaned, tussled haired ‘cool’ groups disbanded.  Yet this was not the case with Indie favourites Editors. After a four year hiatus during which the band faced an upheaval of sorts, reshaped the line-up and replaced a few key band members, they have proved with a recent successful tour of the UK and Europe that they are still going strong and are worthy of being called an established act.

They opened the night with the soaring “Sugar” to an excited Belfast crowd in the Mandela Hall.  Tom Smith’s clearly grown in confidence with his frontman ship (I remember Editors being nerdy and awkward…) however his larger than life stage persona was a bit dampened by the small venue. This is merely a small criticism and it did not deter the eager crowd who were pleased to see the group back on form. The band held the set together well. With Tom’s vocals towering above bassist Russell Leetch’s strong bass and Guitarist Justin Lockey’s understated guitar playing.

The biggest reactions of the night came from the performances of some of the bands biggest anthems. The first being “Bones” which proved to be a successful crowd pleaser and then onto “Bullets” which further pleased the crowd.  Perhaps the biggest reaction of the night came with arguably the bands best known hit “Munich” which ignited the venue and led to a lot of spilling of drinks and general mayhem amongst the crowd.

The band was impressive and is fully qualified of being called an established act.  To a thankful crowd they encored with   “Nothing” and the long version of “Papillion”. They relaxed further into their performance and at parts seemed to be genuinely enjoying playing to the Belfast crowd who no doubt will be pleased to see them make a return to our shores in future.

(Find our interview with Editors guitarist Justin Lockey here!)

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