Polling Day Two Live Blog

Hello and welcome to day two of polling in the QUBSU 2014 elections, and the second day of the Gown’s QUBSU Sabbatical Election 2014 liveblog!

8.00am: 2040 votes have been cast. That’s 563 votes cast overnight since 5:00pm on day one of polling.

9.00am: 2077 votes have been cast.

10.00am: 2101 votes have been cast.

11.00am: 2171 votes have been cast.

As happens every year, there have already been accusations of foul play, i.e: accusations of candidates and canvassers “helping” people to vote. This is illegal behaviour. However, as there is no evidence and no official complaint that has been filed to our knowledge, this cannot have happened.

12.00pm: 2258 votes have been cast.

1.00pm: 2338  votes have been cast.

The pirates seem to have stepped up their costume game. Niall Bole tells us the only item of clothing he had to purchase for the costume was the hat, he already had everything else. Interestingly, his costume includes a black eye patch.

2.00pm: 2470 votes have been cast.

Bole also has a portable speaker in his bag, playing the theme tune to Pirates of the Caribbean on repeat. I’m willing to bet that that film franchise will be more or less ruined for Gallagher and his canvassers forever.

3.00pm: 2560 votes have been cast.

We’ve launched our online election poll – how will you be voting? Tell us here:


4.00pm: 2649 votes have been cast.

The Gown learns that, so far, four official complaints have been lodged to the Returning Officer – all pertaining to one incident. The Returning Officer is unable to give us more information.

5.00pm: As of the last voting update we’ll have today, 2747 votes have been cast – compared to a figure of 2620 at the same time last year. Tonight is the last night of over night polling. Polling will close tomorrow at 5:00pm.

Results will be announced at approximately 8:00pm from the Students’ Union building. Of course, the Gown will be live blogging and live tweeting throughout.

6.21pm: Leading far and away, three hours into our poll, with 55% is ‘I voted RON in all uncontested elections’. The runner up, with a comparatively paltry 10% of the vote is ties between ‘I didn’t vote’ and ‘I voted RON for all elections’. Tied in third place, all taking 8% of the vote are, ‘I voted for the Breaking Thru ticket’, ‘I voted RON for four or more elections with some candidates’ and ‘I voted for four or more candidates, with some RON’.

6.21pm: That said, for the last three years, our polls have shown the exact opposite to the outcome.

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