Fresher Hangover Cures


By Fiona Edgar (Contributor)

Everyone knows that one of the things that students most look forward to at university is Fresher’s Week. Why? Well the answer is pretty simple. The amount of pub crawls and promotional drinks vouchers shoved in your hands can easily mean a fairly cheap week of drink that could even appease Father Jack should he ever deign to leave Craggy Island. Therefore, this guide is what your lecturers might call “essential reading” for those who drink and intend to make full use of their newfound freedom and spending power. The dreaded hangover symptoms dare not raise their ugly heads if you follow these simple tips.


Before you go out have a good starchy or fatty meal. You shouldn’t even try drinking on an empty stomach but meals like your favourite pasta or rice dish are the best to help line your stomach and slow down alcohol absorption. In other words, you can check out the local clubs and pubs without worrying too much about seeing pink elephants after only your first or second drink.


First and foremost it is not necessarily how much you drink but what it is you are drinking. In fact it is actually best to stick to light coloured substances. This is because dark drinks like port, red wine and the much loved Jagermeister contain a lot of congeners. That is, they contain a lot of impurities. The combination of which actually worsens a hangover considerably.

Likewise if you are determined to accept any and all drink offers coming your way try and remember this top tip and drink a glass of water or a non-fizzy soft drink in between. They speed up alcohol absorption and so lessen not only the hangover’s grip on your system but the likelihood of getting completely plastered as well.


After a night out be sure to rehydrate. Alcohol removes your body’s fluids so if you want to stave off zombiehood try drinking a good pint of water before bed and leave a glass of it handy to sip when the need arises. You may want to pee a bit more urgently than usual come morning but it will be worth it.

The Ultimate Shield

Lastly, it has to be said that there really is only one full-proof way to prevent a hangover. Either limit your drinking or stick to the “pint of orange” idea. Not only will you be more able to avoid any next day embarrassment about the social media documenting your night trying to get into Narnia via a certain library door, you will avoid the big H and all it stands for.

If you stick to this ‘Top 5’ hangover cure list you will hopefully make it through Fresher’s unscathed and feeling good. Of course whether you are more aligned with James Brown or Bricusse and Newley is up to you; or indeed your new friends in that ‘hilarious’ karaoke drinking game.

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