Places to eat around campus



Maggie Mays, Stranmillis

By Chantelle Frampton, Lifestyle Editor, @frampy_93

For many first year students the idea of moving to a new city is incredibly exciting.  You get to meet new friends, experience different things and become independent from home.  Your first few weeks are bombarded with new people, accommodation and an entire lifestyle transformation.  Many new students quickly discover the best bars and clubs in the city.  However, there is a lack of information about cafes and places to chill around campus.  There are a huge number of places to fill in the gaps of the day; whether you are looking for a hangover cure or you just want to kill some time between classes.  Well fear not because The Gown has created this concise list of student hangouts around campus that will stop you ever being bored or hungry.

Maggie Mays – Maggie May’s is a café that has been established as the student ‘go to’ for food.  Their location is perfect for any QUB student.  They have a café on Botanic Avenue as well as Malone Road.  The staffs are incredibly friendly and the place is always buzzing.  With their big portions, cheap prices and mouth-watering milkshakes, Maggie Mays is definitely one of the top places to grab a coffee or a full lunch feast.

Boojum – Boojum.  Students are very quick to be placed into one of two categories.  The first is those that have not tried a Boojum and don’t understand the fuss.  The second are those that love it and will refuse to believe that you have not had one or will not stop talking about it until you buy one.  Their portions are enormous and the service is so quick that despite the long queues, you will have your food within a few minutes.  For those that have not yet been converted, trust everyone that has been and get yourself a burrito.  It would be best to eat in or take it home though.  There is no dignified way to devour your Boojum.

French Village – Located on Botanic Avenue, this café is definitely a place to try for lunch.  You can choose from a variety of dishes.  They range from simple sandwiches to a full heart, Irish stew which is bound to keep you full for a day of lectures ahead.  The beautiful, vintage décor and the friendly and attentive staff create a very chilled atmosphere.  With their delicious food and their low prices, French Village is a definite go to for any student.

Botanic Inn – Are you looking for a hangout near campus where you can grab a quick bite and a pint? In that case, The Botanic Inn is definitely the place to go.  It is near the main campus and Elms Village so it is convenient for all QUB students.  They have a number of meal deals such as: Steak night, 2 pizzas for £10 or a meal and a drink for £5.  The low prices of both food and drink makes ‘The Bot’ a definite winner for a quick lunch or for an all-day session.

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