Nudity, Pirates and Propaganda: QUBSU election videos through the years

By The Gown team, @thegownqub

As we approach the Student Leader elections 2015, The Gown looks back at some of the most memorable campaign videos of years gone by…

1) 2007: Campaign for a Better Union

Opening with a voiceover that wouldn’t be out of place in a recording of the King’s Speech, Campaign for a Better Union gives off a definite Second World War  propaganda vibe.

2) 2009: Vote for Archibald

There are no words. Literally…

3) 2009: The Spirit of Stephen Connolly- QUB Student Union Election

This appears to possibly be a video in opposition to Connolly. We’re not that sure though…it’s all a bit surreal.

4) 2010: QUB Elections: McGibbon for Welfare, Downs for Community, Kidd for Campaigns (They’ve Won Now!!)

Overdue books are the stuff of nightmares apparently…RIP bacon sandwich.

5) 2012: Vote ADAMS for Equality, WILSON for Campaigns! QUBSU Elections ’12

The latest dance moves to be hitting the Mandela Hall. Watch to the end for the bare truth about student politics.

6) 2014: X Marks the Spot 

Good one, Floaty.

Who knows what gems 2015 will bring?

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