Council set to scrap VP Campaigns & Communications, VP Community & VP Clubs & Societies

By Kylie Noble, Editor


SU Council will meet for the final meeting of the year on Wednesday 6th May at 6pm in the Space, for the Annual Business Meeting.

At this meeting, Council will consider drastic changes to the SU Constitution and thus to student officer representation. If quorum is not met, the realignment of the student officer team will have to be considered at the first meeting of 2015/2016’s Council, in November.

The changes have been proposed by the Officer Review Group, chaired by Derek Crosby. VP Campaigns & Communications, VP Clubs & Societies and VP Community are proposed to be scrapped and a new VP Student Activities would be created.

VP Student Activities remit will include, according to the proposed Constitutional amendment:

“Shall be responsible for providing a diverse programme of events in the social spaces within the Union premises, in order to ensure the development of a vibrant and inclusive student community.

Shall work across the entire University campus in order to create a sense of community, working in particular with the Schools of the University.

Shall, in partnership with Students’ Union staff, prepare reports and submissions on the development of enterprise, employability and entrepreneur activities within the Students’ Union.

Shall develop and maintain contacts with local charitable and community organisations, and shall seek to engage students with regard to the volunteering opportunities that exist within such groups.

Shall work in association with the Rag organisation in order to assist with the execution of this body’s duties. Shall act as Treasurer of the Rag organisation, subject to any recommendations arising from future reviews of the administration of this body.

Shall be responsible for ensuring that all Clubs and Societies operate according to the provisions of Rule 8.

Shall be responsible for advising Societies with regard to the presentation of an Annual Report and associated documents, as stipulated within Rule 8.

Shall be a member of the University Blues Committee and all other relevant committees and groups.

Shall prepare reports and submissions on the development of sporting and leisure facilities at the University and on all matters relating to sport as necessary.

Shall be responsible for ensuring the availability, insofar as it is possible, of appropriate accommodation and facilities for use by Societies.

Shall, in conjunction with appropriate Students’ Union staff, be responsible for the management of the Freshers’ Fair, the Refreshers’ Fair and similar events.

Shall be responsible for the organisation and delivery of training events for Sporting and Non-Sporting Clubs and Societies.

Shall be responsible, insofar as it is possible, for ensuring that, as stipulated within Rule 8, public statements by a Society have the approval of the Union President and are not contrary to the terms and spirit of the Constitution.

Shall be responsible for the compilation of the Clubs and Societies section of Students’ Union publications, in all formats, where relevant.”

The Officer Review Group has also proposed the creation of 12 part-time officers:

-The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students Officer

-The Disabled Student Officer

-The Environmental and Ethical Students Officer

-The International Students Officer

-The LGBT+ Student Officer

-The Mature Students Officer

-The Part-Time Students Officer

-The Postgraduate Research Officer

-The Postgraduate Taught Officer

-The Student Carers’ Officer

-The Student Parent’s Officer

-The Women Students’ Officer

These part-time officers would be unpaid, volunteer roles taken on alongside studies and like paid Sabbatical Officers, elected by the student body.

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