Two Door Cinema Club are back with new single, ‘Bad Decisions’.

Source: Leeds Festival
Source: Leeds Festival

By Sarah Hughes, Contributor.

Indie rock trio Two Door Cinema Club are releasing their new album, GAMESHOW, on October 14th. In anticipation of GAMESHOW, the Northern Irish band have taken a departure from the indie-rock sounds of their 2012 album Beacon and debut Tourist History to bring a Bowie-esque pop single ‘Bad Decisions’.  The song opens with a long chordal synth and funky guitar run, a sign of the new experimental direction Two Door Cinema Club are taking on this track.

‘Bad Decisions’ presents a late 60’s disco sound that the band have never attempted before.  The funk guitar slides and catchy drum and synth verses are a catchy opener, but the most surprising element of ‘Bad Decisions’ is frontman Alex Trimble’s falsetto verses. His slightly wobbly attempt is a great opener to the track which leads listeners into a funky chorus. You would be forgiven for thinking it’s a Daft Punk song with the heavy electric pop production, and fans of previous albums may be turned off. The breakdown gives listeners a fuzzy solo that feels slightly forced, especially over the repetitive ‘generation information’ lyric, but does give the track more depth than a solely average synth pop tune.

Comparing the track to ‘Are We Ready? (Wreak)’ ensures fans the whole album won’t be quite as disco as this track. The two tracks leave a hesitant promise of good things to come in the run up to the release of GAMESHOW. Overall, ‘Bad Decisions’ is a fun yet slightly overproduced track, which shows off Two Door Cinema Club’s ability to generate a catchy tune that will have fans coming back for more.

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