Gig Review: We Are Scientists, Limelight 2 (Sunday 23rd September)

source: PopMatters

by Sarah Hughes, contributor.

We Are Scientists are back. The indie rock duo played to an amused crowd in the Limelight on Sunday 23rd December, supported by Brooklyn based indie band Beverly, who kicked off the night with no need for an introduction.

Beverly’s single “Honey Do” was a slow burner, as they won over the crowd with sound that felt like a cross between The Pixies’ Kim Deal and Metric. Frontwoman Frankie Rose intrigued the crowd with her soft vocals and scuzzy electric guitar solos while the discordant harmonies gave them an edge and the crowd were ready to go.

Beverly (source: Indie Underground)

Keeping up the vibe, frontmen Keith Murray and Chris Cain launched into their set with opener ‘This Scene is Dead’ – a nostalgic crowd-pleaser from 2006. They followed with single ‘Buckle’ from new album Helter Seltzer.

Their transition from indie rock, to indie pop was a natural one, and the new album has a lot to offer by way of catchy choruses and memorable lyrics. The charismatic duo distinguish their shows with perfectly timed crowd banter and sarcastic wit, and didn’t disappoint in their Belfast gig. With a little help from Keith Murray’s unstoppable energy, jumping into the crowd and blasting out ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’, the two had fun onstage with mic distortions and their comedic back and forth had the crowd crying with laughter.

We Are Scientists kept it up with riff-heavy rock song ‘I Don’t Bite’. Sticking to 2014 album Barbara, they had the crowd eating out of their hands with garage rock track ‘Nice Guy’. The pair finished their set with the new track, ‘Too Late’, as the crowd begged for more.

Finally came the encore, with a feature from Ash’s Tim Wheeler. Together, they ended the show with a dynamic cover of Weezer’s ‘Undone – The Sweater Song’. The loveable personalities and unrelenting energy of the frontmen make it clear there are more great things to come from this band.

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