My Country Respects Me ‘This’ Much: Impeaching Donald Trump

Source: The Journal

Fionnbharr Rodgers, Contributor


The most striking aspect of the new administration, apart its sprawling chaos, is its staggering incompetence. Trump is quite obviously in a position which vastly exceeds his abilities; taking five trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort within the first eight weeks of taking office, not to mention the fact that he seems incapable of carrying a thought to term. All in all, I can’t help being rather wishful for the days of George W. Bush who suddenly seems a statesman head and shoulders above where the bar is currently set. This viewpoint may well be shared by many Americans as Trump’s approval rating currently stands at 36% which is impressively poor for a new president.The question that many have asked is not whether Trump will be impeached, but rather: when?
Probability does seem to be against Trump: Bill Clinton was impeached because he had perjured himself before the Ken Starr grand jury, and every other word out of Trump’s mouth is an ‘alternative fact’ of some kind. In fact, respected journalist of The Daily Show Jon Stewart uncovered that ‘Donald Trump’ is a pseudonym and that the name that appears on the man’s long-form birth certificate is actually “Fuckface Von Clownstick”.
Possible perjury aside, Von Clownstick has exhibited a contempt for the judiciary, by referring to judges with the prefix ‘so-called’ and his lawyers questioning the constitutional authority of federal courts to review his executive orders, which does not make it inconceivable that he might at some point refuse to comply with a court order.
Thirdly, there are the allegations of collusion between various of both the Von Clownstick campaign, and administration, with Russian officials; the full extent of these allegations has yet to be investigated.
Finally, there remains the strong whiff of corruption from Von Clownstick’s lingering involvement in his many business interests, which he still stands to profit from – even if he has resigned control to his sons, Eric and Donald Jr. It is difficult to think of a past president with so many vast conflicts of interests; for perspective, Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm when he became President.
This is of course pure speculation, and only time will tell what will come in time, but there are potential grounds upon which strong arguments for impeachment might be based. In regards to the likelihood of an impeachment trial taking place, and actually removing Von Clownstick from office: Bill Clinton survived impeachment, becoming the only President to do so out of the two to go through the ordeal, as he was a very popular President who always maintain a teflon quality about him. Whereas Von Clownstick has never been the darling of the Republican Party, and after a succession of defeats in the federal courts and the implosion of his farcical healthcare bill, the shine is rapidly coming off him.
If this administration continues the way it has gone, with public opinion turning against it even more, it does not seem feasible that it could continue for four years; and it seems quite plausible that the anti-Clownstick faction of Republicans on the hill might mobilise against their leader.

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