The UK’s leading graduate recruitment company Milkround ”finds that over half of internships result in job offers.”

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Why Internships are so important. Photo Source:

Oran Barr, News Editor. 

The UK’s most widely used student and graduate job website, Milkround, has recently published a study which should inspire confidence in Postgraduates seeking employment.

The annual report for 2017 was comprised of feedback from 5,319 people, including both current students and recent graduates. The study suggests that for those seeking Postgraduate employment, or a pathway into a professional career through internship, their prospects have increased in recent years.

Over half (57%) of all those surveyed had completed an internship during their time at university, which marks a significant rise of 12% since 2016. In tandem with this, three-quarters of the respondents which had completed an internship said that they had spent their time at a company they would like to work in, marking an identical rise of 12% from those who said the same this time last year. Internships are now more prevalent and relevant than ever among Postgraduate students.

A small majority (53%) of those who had completed an internship were offered a job, however, only 24% of the candidates offered jobs accepted. A further 4% of those offered a job declined as they had accepted an offer elsewhere, but a surprising 72% of respondents declined jobs offered after internships.

Separately, of the quarter of those that had accepted graduate jobs, 70% said they would still be willing to back out of an offer they had accepted, with some having done so already.

Milkround followed up on those who had declined job offers in order to try and understand why so many students seemed unwilling to accept job offers. Their findings show that insecurity about their skill set (58%), the role not being right for them (19%), salary (7%) and company benefits (1%) were the leading reasons students declined.

The study shows that despite opportunities being at a high for many students, a lack of confidence is the leading reason that a majority of all job offers following internships are declined.

Francesca Parkinson at Milkround offered advice to both students and employers on how to possibly negate this lack of confidence stating: “It’s well known the benefits that an internship can bring to a CV, adding depth and on-the-job experience that complements academic qualifications, and our research shows that there is now a clear, direct link between internships and job offers at the same company.”

”Although the majority of those offered jobs from their internships turn them down, the fact students are thinking about their future while in academia shows a real savviness amongst today’s graduates. This bodes well for their future – and for businesses looking to hire top talent straight out of university.”

”Employers who want to minimise the number of candidates reneging on offers can keep in regular contact with graduates ahead of their start date. They could also keep the time between the offer and the start date as short or possible, or even invite their new employee to a social event ahead their first day, which is also a great ice breaker.”

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