QUB RAG to host ‘Doggo Petting Day’ for the second year running.

‘Doggo petting day’ will take place on the 20th of February. Photo Source: QUB RAG

Victoria Brown, Arts & Entertainments Co-Editor.

Valentine’s blues got you down? Second semester stress getting to you? Come on down and pet some doggos!

Following the success of their last Doggo Petting Day, QUB RAG, a student-led charitable fundraising group within QUB’s Students’ Union, is hosting another one this semester!

On the 20th of February students and non-students alike can pet the cutest dogs ever for a mere £3, which will go to ‘Almost Home Animal Shelter Rescue NI.’ QUB RAG’s President Paul Loughran was kind enough to answer some questions for us:

Where did this idea come from, and how do you make it successful?
“Puppy petting days have taken place all across the UK and Ireland – there’s a clear positive link between positive mental health and well-being activities like petting puppies. (People actually statistically live longer if they have a pet!) Students these days tend to be burdened with lots of assignments, exams, and financial stress which can place a massive burden on them and affect their mental health, so we wanted to organise an event that would let people get away from this all and play with some cute doggos.”

Following the success of last year, how much do you hope to raise this year?
“Last year we raised over £2,200 and had 700 students attend and that was with purely word of mouth and social media as promotion – this time we’ve had even more awareness and even had Belfast Live do an article and share it to 250,000 of their followers, so we are expecting even more interest this time. Let’s be optimistic, we’re aiming to have double the amount of doggos so why not hope for double the amount raised!”

What made you choose this particular charity?
“Almost Home Animal Rescue NI is a fantastic volunteer run charity that rescues and re-homes an assortment of different animals like dogs, cats, and even reptiles like bearded dragons. We chose them because it was clear that they were very caring of their animals and as they are such a small, volunteer run charity, we knew every penny would mean so much to them.”

Are QUB RAG looking for volunteers, and if so how do people get involved?
“All our volunteers are members of QUB RAG (Raise and Give) – the official fundraising group of Queen’s Students’ Union. If you’d like to join RAG, it’s completely free and we meet every Monday at 6pm in The Space in Queen’s SU.”

The funds raised on this day will go “directly towards the feeding and caring of the animals, this also includes hefty veterinary bills for those that have been mistreated or become ill. Every penny you give goes directly to helping these animals and saving more.”

This is a fantastic cause to get involved in, so why don’t you leave your cares behind, and go pet some doggos!

If you are unable to attend but would still like to help, you can donate at:


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