“Die or become a Sparrow” : Red Sparrow Film Review.

Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Red Sparrow.’ Photo Source: GamesRadar

Maria McQuillan, Contributor. 

The only reason I didn’t walk out of this movie was because I was writing a review of it. A better use of my money would have been to set fire to it.

‘Red Sparrow’ could have been the ‘Black Widow’ movie that so many Marvel fans have been waiting for. It really wasn’t. It was the Antichrist.

There are so many things wrong with Red Sparrow. The accents for instance, or the lack thereof. Jennifer Lawrence’s Russian accent is abysmal. Jeremy Irons at least took the sensible route and didn’t bother. Matthias Schoenaerts’ accent is the only decent one in the film, and the fact he looks like Vladimir Putin makes me wonder if I really thought he had a decent accent, or if I was just distracted by how much he looked like Putin. The cast individually is impressive, but together? It just feels bizarre at times. Charlotte Rampling for example, is a fantastic actress (most recently, I loved her in season 2 of Broadchurch) but her role as ‘Matron’ in Red Sparrow is just uncomfortable to watch as the whole set up for her character – a training school for spies – is mind-bendingly rubbish. Some scenes are just downright nasty to watch. It felt at times as if the director or screenwriter, when not sure what to do next, pulled scene fillers out of a hat. Sex scene? Violent torture scene? Fight scene? Eff it, let’s do them all!

Little in the movie makes sense. Much of the film plot should have been cut, and the separate storylines were not integrated well. Very little of the relationships in the film are well explained, and the storyline between Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Lawrence is ludicrous. Too much of the plot is contrived as events that should be difficult are made incredibly easy, the plot brushing off questions with ‘Well, Dominika (Lawrence) is a Red Sparrow/ Master Spy’ nonsense. The best part of the movie was the ending. This was not only because the film was nearly over, but because it has one of the few good plot twists in the film, and it was actually enjoyable to watch.

I really do not recommend watching this film; it’s not even ‘so bad, it’s good’, it’s just bad.

I dedicate this film review to Emma and Davog. You did not know what you signed up for, and in my defence, neither did I.

Director: Francis Lawrence.
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons, and Charlotte Rampling.
Running Time: 141 min.

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