Volunteering Charity, Agape Offers ‘Uni Rep’ Roles To Students

Become a university rep for the volunteering charity, Agape. Photo Source: Agape.

Volunteering charity, Agape, are introducing new university representative roles across the UK to encourage students to sign up for their unique programmes in Africa. In their own words, here is some information on how you can get involved, and why you should.

One of the UK’s leading volunteering charities, Agape, has begun offering specialist university representative roles to institutions across the country. Agape Volunteers sends individuals and groups on a range of exciting programmes and adventures across Africa, from Ghana and Kenya to Tanzania and South Africa.

Who are Agape?

Agape was established in Kenya in 2010 by Guillaume Lefevre, after volunteering with a different organisation. The concept was to create volunteering opportunities that are both affordable and rewarding for participants, and truly beneficial for the communities they support.

With programmes including education, orphanage support, medical and HIV volunteering, music teaching, wildlife conservation and sports clubs, there is a volunteering post to suit everyone. Agape also offer exhilarating adventures for volunteers’ downtime, including safaris, mountain climbing and cultural city tours.

Agape’s progressive volunteering programmes are perfectly suited to students, who are among the most ambitious and engaged groups in the country. Agape are dedicated to ensuring that as much of volunteers’ fees as possible go straight to the communities participants work with.

The Role of Students

Fueled by their rising success over the past eight years, Agape have turned to university students to help spread the word among enthusiastic and talented volunteers of the future. Their aim? To recruit over 500 new volunteers throughout 2018.

To achieve this, Agape seeks to establish reps at every university in the UK, so now is the perfect time to get involved with this fantastic opportunity.

Agape CEO and Founder, Guillaume LeFevre, comments:

“Students are our most enthusiastic pool of volunteers. This year, we’re keen to create a lot more awareness of what we can offer them and Student Reps are a huge part of that. We’ve worked hard to put together a really cool package for them, so if you’ve got some time to spare – come and help us out!”

Working as an Agape university rep is the perfect job for any motivated student. The role allows you to control the hours you work and how much you earn. So no more worries about shifts clashing with those tight essay deadlines – you can tailor your work around your commitments.

Agape provides all the resources reps need to get started, and then it’s time to showcase your creativity. From sending emails to societies to hosting a stand at freshers’ fair, dishing out leaflets to crashing a lecture, there are many ways to get your peers interested in Agape’s exciting volunteering opportunities.

Student reps are a valuable part of the Agape team and are rewarded as such. Agape even offer annual prizes for the most successful Reps, and juicy discounts for them and their friends on their own volunteering trips.

We think it’s a very cool way to make money, fund your summer and help make a BIG difference to real people in Africa.

To apply to become a university rep or find out more, email jobs@agape-volunteers.com

Website: www.agape-volunteers.com


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