That Place (Poem)

Kealan McAllister’s “That Place”. Photo Source: Fresh Eye Solutions.

Kealan McAllister, Contributor.


In the shadow of a fortress

On a hill outside a bustling town

One sees rich and verdant countryside

Lush greens and yellows all around

One can gaze miles in all directions

Over the vista, so tranquil, so at peace

Look right and see the ocean blue

To your left the snow-capped Pyrenees

Near all is still and quiet

But the coiling tango of two birds

Accompanied by the gentle sighing of the wind

Almost too gentle to be heard

The setting sun washing all before me

In a dusky, golden shade of light

How can such raw, intense emotions

Be dissipated by a mere sight?

Memories of torment and caprice

Of people that once were close to me

All frets and worries that plague my mind

Making it almost loathsome to be

Old wounds which I still pick, and will not close

Still sore, worried incessantly

How is it now the bleeding is staunched

And I find I can be quite pleasantly?

How that scene could make my heart

Green and fertile once again

I need not to know the cause

From over-scrutiny I shall refrain

But I take comfort from the fact

That although people tend to redact

The love they were once happy to give

Leaving you in sorrow and regret to live

That despite what will be or what came before

That place shall be there forevermore.

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