Senseless Feelings (Poem)

Stephen Geddis’s second poem for The Gown. Photo Source: Fresh Eye Solutions.

Stephen Geddis, Contributor.


A Sense of Doom, a Palm of Tears

Intense Gloom, the Embalm of Fear

The Skin’s a Canvas, Depression the Brush

Akin to Man’s Bliss and Succession of Lust,

Arising like Shadows, I’m Desolated by Grieves

Like a Bedizen of Gallows, Decorated by Thieves

 By Wroth’s Deft, I’m Battered in Flashes

My Thoughts Left, Scattered as Ashes

Those Cold Stares, so Empty and Vast

They Watch like Nightingale,

No Soul Cares, they Dement Me and Laugh

As I Latch to a Life so Frail,

My Hopes Lay Abandoned,

Whilst Loneliness Stays, My Only Companion….

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