Twinkling Twilight (Poem)

Stephen Geddis’s third poem for The Gown. Photo Source: Fresh Eye Solutions.

Stephen Geddis, Contributor. 


In the Twinkling Twilight,

Old and young stars above slow dance.

Winking the wild lights boldly sprung,

 Sparks of Romance.

Whispering winds rumble in crass,

Whizzing in the adumbral grass.

Pallets of silver, ash and grey.

The ballet of the river’s splashing in play.

 Slowly eve, idly ponders.

Lonely it leaves but wildly it wonders.

Amber clouds gird the sky,

And there’s sounds of birds –  they cry.

Welcoming a friend, a bright new day,

But sad as they send, the blue night away…

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