Honouring Hillary Clinton as a Peacemaker is an insult to the lives she helped destroy in the Middle East

2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. Photo Source: Independent

Jack Murphy, Contributor.

The former Democratic Nominee for the United States presidency Hillary Clinton is to be awarded an honorary degree by Queen’s University Belfast today in a ceremony that is a sell-out event. The Former Secretary of State has been bestowed this honour for her “exceptional public service both in the US and around the Globe” and “for her efforts towards peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.”

To many in this country and throughout the globe the idea of honouring Hillary Clinton for her efforts to peace and reconciliation is beyond ridiculous. It is depraved and offensive. It’s like thanking Brett Kavanagh for his contribution to women’s rights or James Corden for his efforts in comedy; it simply doesn’t make any sense. That is why there is a planned protest by Socialist Youth NI which will take place outside the event to show the disgust felt by many across the North.

After all, this is someone who advocated and voted for military action against Iraq back in 2002, throwing her full support as New York Senator behind the Bush administration in their quest to topple Saddam Hussein. As of today, the loss of human life in that conflict stands in the hundreds of thousands, many of them civilians. Hillary has since admitted that her decision to support the war was wrong, but it is clear she did not learn from her past mistakes when dealing with foreign policy.

When she moved into the office of the United States foremost diplomat in her role as Secretary of State, she only enhanced her hawkish tendencies with a tenure of death and destruction. Clinton supported continuing the war in Afghanistan for as long as possible resulting in its continuation of violence and death in the war-torn country.

Hillary’s quest for peace continued with her passionate support of drone warfare in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. From 2009 to 2013, the CIA launched over 290 drone strikes killing more than 2000 people, of which over 200 were innocent civilians. The state department of which Clinton headed opposed less than 1 percent of the attacks. It has been reported that the decision to launch a drone attack was made so easy for Hillary; she could use her mobile to give the green light for an attack which would bring total devastation.

From 2011 Clinton turned her attention towards one of the more progressive Arab nations, Libya. At that time of great hope for the Middle East steaming from the Arab spring, Hillary set about the overthrowing of Muammar Gaddafi, funding and arming “rebels” who would eventually go on to butcher Gaddafi with the help of NATO air support. The now famous quote from this great advocate of peace in which Clinton stated, “we came, we saw, he died” and proceeded to laugh hysterically when talking about Gaddafi’s death is one of the most terrifying insights into the mind of Clinton who shown little regard for human life, let alone peace. As we now know, the aftermath in Libya was a bloody civil war and subsequently lead to a mass refugee crisis with many more lives lost drowning in the Mediterranean Sea trying to flee across to Europe.

In 2012, it was reported by The New York Times that Clinton was planning, alongside the CIA chief, to arm more “rebels”, but this time in Syria in a new fight to take down the Assad regime which would surely have better results than their last attempts to bring about leadership change in the Middle East, wouldn’t it?

Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State brought about mass devastation and destabilised the whole region. Her actions in arming rebel groups in both Libya and Syria led to bloody civil war which spawned the Frankenstein monster that is the Islamic state, a group that fed on the turmoil and destruction that was caused by Clinton’s fatally flawed intervention in the Middle East. A vacuum of power was filled by the one of the most barbaric groups in human history and the blame for their rise can be pointed squarely at Hillary’s foreign policy.

If you were to ask the people of Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq or Syria about the notion that Hillary Clinton is a champion peace and reconciliation, you would be meet with the answer that this is a woman who changed the face of their countries, not through the peace movement but rather from a drone missile thousands of feet in the air, levelling their nations and bringing death and misery to millions. For the people of the Middle East, the place for Hillary Clinton is not the Whitla Hall but rather The Hague.





Published by The Gown Queen's University Belfast

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