Opinion: Game of Thrones is Awful

Arya and Sansa at The Battle of Winterfell. Photo Source: HBO

Ciaran McAteer, Contributor. 

The first four seasons of Game of Thrones were, perhaps, the most revolutionary in T.V history. They got a record level following in a time where Netflix and Amazon were encouraging binge watching and the show had some of the best courtly intrigue on T.V even when compared with other HBO power houses like Rome etc.

Now I think the show should be put out of its misery. The plot has become a black hole which arbitrarily swallows characters and saves others even if they should be dead by any other standard.

The amount of would-be deaths in episode three is truly staggering. The Night King should’ve been dead long before Arya stabs him. Jon Snow should’ve died from falling off his dragon or at the hands of the Wights. Arya should’ve died when her head was thoroughly smashed into a wall. Bran should be dead because he’s an intolerable character and how Gilly isn’t dead from her incest ridden genes is a mystery.

Even despite the would-be deaths the show might’ve been saved if the action weren’t so nonsensical. Could it be explained to me why they field an army? The castle is right there; get dug in for a siege or retreat to Moat Cailin. At the very least the women and children should be sent to Moat Cailin; after all, the last place to hide when a zombie apocalypse arrives is a cemetery. The inconsistencies don’t end there. Why are the Dothraki so eager to die? They charge alone into a field of darkness because someone put oil on their swords and I’m supposed to accept that as valid. Well guess what, I don’t. I find it silly that the Dothraki aren’t making their way back to Essos where they ruled the vast majority of land and took what they want when they wanted. There can’t possibly be any justification for them charging into deaths jaws for no reason. As well as the Dothraki, the Unsullied die in this ill-fated strategy to defend outside defensive structures. They are possibly the best infantry in the known-world and they are the front line for what reason? See what I mean? The action is pointless and the ending is so unsatisfying that I wanted to gouge out my eyes after watching.

So the end approaches and Theon dies because he can’t throw spears despite shooting arrows for the past hour. Bran sits in the Godswood and we now see that Bran is nothing but an exposition instrument. I had vaguely hoped that he might possess the Night King or that an army of crows would sweep down and attack. Nope, the Night King walks right up to him and waits the allotted five seconds for Arya to spontaneously aparate Harry Potter style into the scene. Then she is caught by the Night King and briefly I felt elation at the prospect of this serial killer finally dying. Nope, she somehow drops the knife from one hand to the other and kills the big baddie. How unsatisfying, and, might I say, boring an ending to an already idiotic episode.

I had hoped the Night King might be the force which makes the show good again but now I see what his purpose was: the writers didn’t know how Cersei could overcome three dragons, an army of Dothraki, Unsullied and Vale men so they decided a good ol’ Zombie apocalypse could save the day.

Pathetic, next.



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