‘Loneliest Time of the Year’: Mabel Track Review

Image source: wonderchannel.it

Amy Murray, Contributor.

Yet another Christmas song, but this one is different…

Although ‘Loneliest Time Of The Year’ might not be what you would typically expect of a seasonal single, it’s certainly hitting all the right notes. Finishing the year on a musical high, Mabel’s latest release has all the warmth of a modern-classic Christmas song, complete with muted ‘jingle bells’ and chimes. The festive mix of R&B and gospel gives the impression of a joyful hit, but you’ll find the lyrics aren’t so cheery. Mabel uses her signature brutal honesty to tell us what she really thinks about the festive season. The music is offset with raw emotive lyrics acknowledging the people who don’t think that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re tired of the artificialities of Christmas music, then this is the song for you.

Mabel has set a name for herself as a songwriter who deals with difficult topics with sensitivity and a realistic and positive outlook on life. This song is no exception. She deals with the harsh realities of Christmas that are often swept under the rug in favour of an often fabricated picture of cheer. It’s a refreshing outlook which reminds us to think more about those who will be living with loneliness and homelessness and less about getting everything on your wish list. Consider it a reminder to approach this festive season with sensitivity to those who may not be feeling so cheery because, as Mabel rightly says, it “can’t just be me feeling like this”. It’s time to mute the overly-cheesy festive cheer and consider the human problems that people are facing behind the bright lights and shopping bags.

Unfortunately, Mabel’s upcoming Belfast gig is sold out, so if you haven’t already got tickets you’re out of luck. If this last year is anything to go by, then there’ll be plenty more great things to come in 2020. Until then, check out her latest releases and update your playlists for 2020 because this is definitely a song which could keep Michael Bublé company in your Christmas mix.

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