The Gown’s Covid-19 Information page for QUB Students

Peter Donnelly, Editor & Nicole Traynor, Deputy Editor

As the only Queen’s University, Belfast student publication The Gown will endeavour to provide Queen’s University students and partners with the latest developments regarding the rapidly evolving Coronavirus public health pandemic.

The information contained on the page is intended to be of use to all students based in Northern Ireland, regardless of institution.


Queen’s University Asymptomatic Testing

Queen’s University is the first hb in Northern Ireland and the third UK university to participate in the Government-endorsed asymptomatic New Testing Interventions (NTIs) programme. The University, in co-ordination with the Department for Health, aims to undertake 6,000 tests per week. Queen’s said:

All students are being invited to participate in the programme from this week with those intending to return home for Christmas particularly encouraged to take the test.

Queen’s University on the New Testing Interventions programme

The facility will be situated in the Whitla Hall on the Queen’s University Campus. For further information, students are advised to contact

QUB Student Wellbeing Team
Free 11am-3pm daily helpline
 – 07387 546123
The QUB Student Wellbeing Team offer a range of support services such as a remote drop in service, counselling, consultations and coaching, education and awareness-raising, safe and healthy relationships advice and self help material. The advice they can provide can cover the likes of: academic, disability, emergency/incident, financial, mental health, substance usage/addiction or sexual misconduct, bullying, harrasssment or hate crime.

Circuit Breaker Restrictions (October/November/December 2020)

A range of faciltities on and in the surrounding area of the Queen’s campus will be remain throughout December 2020, on the run up to Christmas.

These include:

Student Societies are continuing to operate online. 

Queen’s RadioThe Scoop, continues to be hosted by Thomas Copeland every Sunday evening from 7pm where there is a wide-range of student news available regarding, including discussions with students on issues arising from the Coronavirus pandemic and virtual event information.

Guidance on instructions to follow if you or someone else in your household is showing symptoms of Coronavirus on the NI Health and Social Care Trust’s Public Health Agency website, with directions to ‘Test and Trace’ centres around Belfast and countrywide areas – and from the NHS website –

Published by The Gown Queen's University Belfast

The Gown has provided respected, quality and independent student journalism from Queen's University, Belfast since its 1955 foundation, by Dr. Richard Herman. Having had an illustrious line of journalists and writers for almost 70 years, that proud history is extremely important to us. The Gown is consistent in its quest to seek and develop the talents of aspiring student writers.

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