Peter Donnelly, Editor

In the run up to the Student Union Elections, taking place from Monday 1st March 2021, The Gown is featuring candidates who are running for student office in the Queen’s University Student Union Elections, for the next 2021-2022 academic year.

The Editor thanks Bethany Moore, running for the position of Welfare Officer in the SU Elections 2021 for sending through her campaign pledges, should she be successful. Having an intimate knowledge of student life, its trails and tribulations, Bethany has also been an avid campaigner on a variety of political and social rights causes.

Hi, I’m Bethany Moore and I’m running to be your next Welfare Officer.

I am so passionate about improving the lives of students, informing them of their rights and upgrading our well-being services overall.

As Welfare Officer, I would ensure the days of unattainable mental health services, unacceptable housing conditions and unsuitable academic aid is a thing of the past.

I am running because I’ve experienced first-hand how our institution fails us. Throughout my time at Queen’s I’ve experienced everything from dodgy landlords to grief, as well as completing 50% of my degree during a pandemic.

In Action: Bethany Moore is running to be QUB SU Welfare Officer during the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

I want to ensure that students have an ally, advocate and acquaintance in their Welfare Officer next year, to ensure no student faces these issues alone.

I am prepared to go above and beyond for all students. Next year I’d like to:

  • Fight for better mental health services
  • Improve our standards of housing
  • See an end to the Off Campus Discipline Policy
  • Increase access to the Hardship Fund
  • Reform the Exceptional Circumstances Procedure
  • Adapt our Sexual Health Services
  • Create an online “Student Well-being Resource Centre”

As we move forward together through this pandemic, students need a strong voice. I am a seasoned campaigner and prominent activist, who has recently been on the frontline of the Students Deserve Better campaign. I want to continue to fight for you and the university experience you deserve. We have a great opportunity to change what isn’t working and I am ready to deliver better standards for all students.

Back Bethany #1 for Welfare Officer, so we can re-think student well-being, our way!

As the 2021 SU Election campaign approaches its final stagesThe Gown continues to invite all candidates standing for election to contact us in order to be given a platform to unveil their campaign objectives and pledges. Given the current public health circumstances, in which we all find ourselves, it is these times that homegrown, student-led societies, such as The Gown, are an invaluable tool for spreading the student voice.

A full list of candidates are available on the Queen’s University Student Union website, here.

Published by The Gown Queen's University Belfast

The Gown has provided respected, quality and independent student journalism from Queen's University, Belfast since its 1955 foundation, by Dr. Richard Herman. Having had an illustrious line of journalists and writers for almost 70 years, that proud history is extremely important to us. The Gown is consistent in its quest to seek and develop the talents of aspiring student writers.

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