Queen’s Politics Society is Back!

By Aidan Lomas – Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of meeting with newly crowned QUB Politics Society President Eóin Cummings to discuss the recent relaunch of the society. What had been a much missed pillar of the QUB Societies community, being one of the oldest here on campus, the Politics Society appeared to have died in early 2020. But with Eóin and co. taking the reins, it seems the once lost leviathan is back and set to be bigger than ever.

The Politics Society at Queen’s was once a very active and prominent part of the University’s extra-curricular environment, but sadly seemed to run out of steam in early 2020. It wasn’t until restrictions began to lift last year that Eóin looked to join the society; “I though it would be a good way to meet people we missed out on in first year”. At this time that Eóin had emailed the society to inquire about joining. Sadly, despite his keen interest, it was clear that the society was no longer alive and kicking. A second failed attempt to join in October 2021 led Eóin and friends to get in touch with Queen’s University Students’ Union; it was from here that a new society President was realised, and an old society was set to be back on campus. Eóin, a second-year Politics student at Queens, will seek re-election in the 2022-23 academic year.

I wasn’t particularly familiar with the old Politics society, owing to it’s aforementioned recess. But, as Eóin told me on Wednesday, it seems that missed opportunity was not in vein. He told me the staple plan from the newly regenerated society was to be an inclusive place for people with political minds to come and discuss the field they love so well. Eóin told me he had no intention of allowing the Politics Society to become a ‘Bullingdon club’ like place where establishment views ruled the way, and only one kind of politics was discussed. Instead, the new (yet also very old) Society is set to be a modern, progressive, and open space for all those looking to socialise and politicise.

With the society already bosting a large membership and following, I wondered whether the Literific had cause for concern. Eóin told me that, despite the inevitability of debate in the Politics society, they were set to be far more focused on topical political discourse: “When you think of a politics society, you do think of a certain demographic of people who would join it; it would be very exclusionary. So my main thing is, I want it to be a very open place where people can come and discuss politics. We’re not catering to a certain brand…We’re progressive and we’re forward thinking”.

“It’s not the Politics Society of Queens in the 1800s, it’s the 2021 Politics Society!”

Eóin Cummings, President of the QUB Politics Society

I wondered, naturally, whether such a society would begin taking formal positions on certain matters. Whilst Eóin explained that such issues would be potentially voted on by members as they arise, for now the society is set to follow the guidance of the Students’ Union with regard to inclusivity and other such areas.

If the strikes-saga has invigorated your political appetite, or you’re looking to learn more about the rich array of political ideas here on campus and around the world, the QUB Politics Society is undoubtedly the place for you. Without wanting to reveal too much, owing largely to the impressively quick turn around the once decaying society has enjoyed in the past few weeks, Eóin explained that the Politics Society was set to be a place where all who wished to could come and discuss the big issues at hand – there will even be a few society trips to the Speakeasy to follow suit.

With plenty of social events planned for the future, those who are interested can attend the society’s first meeting on the 30th of November 2021 from 7PM; the meeting will take place in the Peter Froggart Centre in room 0G/024. Society members will be on hand to direct attendees.

You can find the QUB Politics Society on Instagram and Twitter: @QUBpolitics

For more information on the society, or if you’re interested in getting in touch, visit their page on the QUBSU Clubs and Societies list: https://home.qubsu.org/clubssocieties/politics/

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