Canada News: What’s the Root Cause of the Truckers’ Protest?

By Ellie Fletcher – International Affairs Editor

The recent Truck protests in Canada have encouraged further talks about vaccine mandates. In the last few weeks, Canadian Truckers have stationed their vehicles along the Canada-US border in protest of the vaccine mandates implemented around Canada. The debate that has arisen is not whether or not the COVID-19 vaccine is safe but rather if a government or employer should have the ability to enforce people getting the vaccine in order to work. Whilst one side argues that forcing a person to get a vaccine they do not want goes against their rights and freedoms, the other argues that in order to protect everybody there should be no argument that getting the vaccine should be mandatory. This has allowed for the build-up of tensions and yet more divisions between two sides of the political spectrum.

“The main issue with fighting against vaccine mandates is where the line should be drawn between the greater good and individual liberty”

The main issue with fighting against vaccine mandates is where the line should be drawn between the greater good and individual liberty. Whilst it is undemocratic to fire people for opting against putting something in their body that they believe is not safe, yet how can you realistically put those who are vulnerable in danger because you choose not to do something? Additionally, the science has proven that the vaccine is safe, and it is misinformation that has stopped people from getting the vaccine.

This raises the question as to whether the real enemy to freedom and liberty is the idea of ‘fake news’. If ‘news’ sources did not spread lies about the vaccine, then people would not be afraid to take it resulting in there being no need for the mandate thus no protests. Overall, the protests in Canada have sparked further debate on the COVID vaccine with it becoming apparent that the leading cause in this is the widespread of vaccine misinformation.

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