The Shifting Sand of Cross Country

By Alex Edwards- QUB Student

That should really be mud, shouldn’t it? Looking through my collection of photos I couldn’t help but notice the difference in ground textures for athletics events I’ve been at. So, I’ve arranged a few in order depth of mud!

I’ll start with this image from BUCS XC 2022 at Horsenden Hill, the conditions there were incredibly challenged, with the damp ground sucking at people’s shoes, leaving some areas of the route littered with discarded footwear!
Despite the Hill and the filthy mud on it, things got slightly better towards the finish line allowing for a ferocious charge towards the timers
Eventually the last push was over…with some incredible sprints to the finish line!
At Dublin, it was hard to believe it was the same sport, with the unbroken grass covering the surface of the route
The sun presenting a new challenge of heat!

Editor’s Note: As so aptly described by Alex, BUCS XC in London was indeed torrential in mud! And, I myself lost a shoe, hobbling around the remaining 7K odd with one shoe and one sock flopping about. Top Tip: if you don’t want to discard your footwear, don’t let it succumb to the sticky, stubborn, and deceptively difficult mud

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