Fashion Week Spills Over To Belfast on March 7th (Tomorrow!)

Gone are the days when you have to travel to London, New York or Milan to attend fashion events or witness the latest high street designs.  Now, all you have to do is go to Sixty6 (66 High Street, Belfast) To top it all off, entry into the entire is event is free of charge.Continue reading “Fashion Week Spills Over To Belfast on March 7th (Tomorrow!)”

From Nairobi to Belfast, Women March to Claim the Streets as Their Own

By Chantelle Frampton, Lifestyle Editor, @frampy_93 Nearly 1000 women took to the streets of Nairobi on November 17th in protest of the recent ‘slut shaming’ incident that was filmed and shared on the internet.  The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was stripped down and beaten in broad daylight by dozens of men for ‘temptingContinue reading “From Nairobi to Belfast, Women March to Claim the Streets as Their Own”

Top Tips for Renting in Belfast

By Chantelle Frampton, Lifestyle Editor, @frampy_93 So it is that time of year again where we all have that final push until summer begins.  It is also the time that students scout Belfast for the best and cheapest property for their student housing.  This can be an extremely daunting task if you are new toContinue reading “Top Tips for Renting in Belfast”

Indian Acid Victim Photoshoot

Three acid attack victims empower women through their bravery and determination. By Claire Murray (Contributor) Five Indian women that survived disfiguring acid attacks, modelled for an unprecedented photo shoot.  They consequently, challenged both the life of social rejection prescribed by their attackers and the world’s perception of female beauty. Delhi photographer, Rahul Saharan, volunteered toContinue reading “Indian Acid Victim Photoshoot”

Places to eat around campus

    By Chantelle Frampton, Lifestyle Editor, @frampy_93 For many first year students the idea of moving to a new city is incredibly exciting.  You get to meet new friends, experience different things and become independent from home.  Your first few weeks are bombarded with new people, accommodation and an entire lifestyle transformation.  Many newContinue reading “Places to eat around campus”