Time’s Up on Hollywood Fakery

Orla Traynor, Opinions Editor.  This past Sunday saw the beginning of the Hollywood awards season with the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills. In the year that has passed since the last ceremony, the entertainment industry has been forever changed by widespread accusations of sexual assault and harassment. The changes the industry has undergone were evident,Continue reading “Time’s Up on Hollywood Fakery”

Ascough’s Impeachment is a Victory for Student Democracy

Orla Traynor, Opinions Editor.   As many of us now know, UCD Students’ Union President, Katie Ascough was impeached this Friday after a tense referendum campaign. The rhetoric Ascough put forth throughout her campaign and in her final speech as President that her impeachment was somehow incongruous with “freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedomContinue reading “Ascough’s Impeachment is a Victory for Student Democracy”

Weinstein Scandal: an Open Secret?

Orla Traynor, Opinions Editor. For the past week, a barrage of sexual abuse claims concerning Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein have come to light. Survivors’ accounts range from sexual harassment to the most vile cases of rape. The shocking thing is that this is not all that shocking. Although it may have been unheard of toContinue reading “Weinstein Scandal: an Open Secret?”