A Legacy of Honour: The Gown’s Reflection on John Hume’s passing, Issue 1

The Gown’s exclusive two-part feature on the life of John Hume, who died earlier in August, aged 83. His steadfastness in pursuing a peaceful settlement to Northern Ireland and the perpetual ills of the ‘Irish question’ changed the country’s political and social landscape for future generations.

Nubya Garcia at the Black Box: UK Jazz Scene Reaching a truly National Audience

Peter Donnelly, Contributor.  To a small but intimate crowd on Wednesday evening, 8th May, Nubya Garcia, a musician currently forming the cream of the crop of the burgeoning UK jazz-influenced scene played her slot at this year’s Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival at the Black Box in Belfast, as part of her current Europe-wide tour. ForContinue reading “Nubya Garcia at the Black Box: UK Jazz Scene Reaching a truly National Audience”

Opinion: Game of Thrones is Awful

Ciaran McAteer, Contributor.  The first four seasons of Game of Thrones were, perhaps, the most revolutionary in T.V history. They got a record level following in a time where Netflix and Amazon were encouraging binge watching and the show had some of the best courtly intrigue on T.V even when compared with other HBO powerContinue reading “Opinion: Game of Thrones is Awful”

Attempts to rewrite pre-war Jewish refugee experiences in America

Michael McConway, Features Editor.  “My Father resolved to book first class with Cunard on the Queen Mary rather than handing his money over to the Nazis” – Ludwig Katzenstein. When you’re a maritime history buff, life can be pretty boring polishing your capstans and buffing up your crow’s nest bell without a nourishing drip of DiscoveryContinue reading “Attempts to rewrite pre-war Jewish refugee experiences in America”

“A Land Is Only As Good As Its Leaders”: The Kid Who Would Be King Review

  Maria McQuillan, Arts & Entertainments Co-Editor. The Kid Who Would Be King is an interesting children’s movie. It’s a nice reimagining of the King Arthur myth, and tackles some surprisingly tough emotional storylines for what I imagined to be a fluff children’s move. The film takes us around several locations in Britain, and theContinue reading ““A Land Is Only As Good As Its Leaders”: The Kid Who Would Be King Review”