Which Partnership at Stormont Will Benefit the Economy in 2022?

The Gown’s Business and Economics Editor, Edward Ferrin ponders possible economic futures for Northern Ireland

OPINION: Hillary Clinton: The Contentious Chancellor

Garrett Byrne offers his thoughts on why the appointment of Chancellor Clinton last week is more controversial than some institutions are letting on.

Violent Vs Peaceful Protests: Is There Really a Difference?

International Affairs Editor, Ellie Fletcher, questions whether there really is an impactful difference between Peaceful and Violent protests.


It was not in Central Africa, on the Asian continent or in Eastern Europe but at the United States’ Congress – the epicentre of American democracy which has long prided itself on being the very embodiment of global democracies to which all nations should aspire – where an orchestrated attack on democracy occurred. President Trump’s presidential term and his exit from Office was never going to go off without fuss but January’s events have been completely unprecedented

Final Editorial of 2020: Where do we start and go from here?

Peter Donnelly, Editor 2020. Where do we start? In a year which saw Coronavirus engulf all aspects of normality in its deadly grip. In this final editorial, Peter Donnelly revisits some of the moments and events, both at home and abroad, and provides his thoughts on a year which struck an immensely somber tone forContinue reading “Final Editorial of 2020: Where do we start and go from here?”