NI Music Prize Nominees Announced

By Laura Shields, Arts and Entertainments Editor, @LauraShields86 Last night the twelve nominees for this year’s Northern Irish Music Prize were announced on BBC Radio Ulster’s local music platform, “Across the Line”. The award recognises the best album of 2014 by a Northern Irish Artist. The nominees were selected by an academy of over 70Continue reading “NI Music Prize Nominees Announced”

THEATRE REVIEW: Pentecost at the Lyric.

By Laura Shields, Arts and Entertainments Editor @LauraShields86 On the 40th anniversary of the Ulster Workers Strike of 1974 Jimmy Fay’s latest production of Pentecost in the Lyric recreates the tensions and the harsh realities of Belfast during one of the most significant events of the Troubles. Stewart Parker’s play begins in the home ofContinue reading “THEATRE REVIEW: Pentecost at the Lyric.”

Loud and Local – Tyrannasonic Deaf Rays

By Laura Shields, Arts and Entertainments Editor, @LauraShields86. Tyrannasonic Deaf Rays are a three-piece rock band from Co. Down. Their sound is difficult to pin down and their energy, hard to contain. With live performances that are incomplete if one member of the band hasn’t scaled some piece of furniture, their antics are as infectiousContinue reading “Loud and Local – Tyrannasonic Deaf Rays”

LIVE REVIEW: Modern Baseball. Voodoo, Belfast.

By Laura Shields, Arts and Entertainments Editor, @LauraShields86 We all have things we love; a person, place or even pizza topping. We hold these things in constant regard but sometimes we are reminded of just why is we fell for them to begin with. The taste of pepperoni after weeks of ramen noodles affirms thatContinue reading “LIVE REVIEW: Modern Baseball. Voodoo, Belfast.”