REVIEW – Snowflake by Louise Nealon

Environmental and Deputy Editor, Fleur Howe, reviews debut novel Snowflake (2021) by Louise Nealon.

Arthur Griffith: A Neglected ‘Enigma’ captured by Colum Kenny

Peter Donnelly, Opinions Editor, examines Colum Kenny’s recently published book on the Irish leader’s life What history has continually proven is the ease with which the mind overlooks those individuals who tirelessly toiled for the comfortable benefit of others. It is in many ways a valuable, albeit a disappointing, reality of life. Those that haveContinue reading “Arthur Griffith: A Neglected ‘Enigma’ captured by Colum Kenny”

A Gilead Made Manifest in Ireland: Republic of Shame by Caelainn Hogan

Jessica-Neve Smyth, Inkpot Editor. “At least in The Handmaid’s Tale they value babies, mostly. Not so in the true stories here.” Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale and newly released The Testaments, has compared the accounts of Ireland’s religious-run institutions recorded in the Republic of Shame to the strict and religious dystopian regime of Gilead. Written by Dublin Journalist Caelainn Hogan,Continue reading “A Gilead Made Manifest in Ireland: Republic of Shame by Caelainn Hogan”