ECONOMY: Will We Feel the Benefits of the Protocol in the Recession?

The Gown’s Edward Ferrin reports on the future of the economy for Northern Ireland, and whether this could have knock-on effects in the not-so-distant future.

NI Students Will Receive Government Coronavirus Disruption Payment

The Covid Disruption Payment scheme, which forms part of a wider Executive support package of £37.7 million, will see £500 being provided to students in University and further educational institutions in NI.

Vaccinate or not Vaccinate? That is the question.

In a world of misinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories, anti-vaccination messages have found conducive conditions on the worldwide web to spread their messages. Only a firm inter-governmental, multi-national effort can stem the flow of such damaging information, against a vaccine which is designed to combat a deadly adversary which has taken the lives of over 2 million worldwide.