FEATURE: OPINION – “Jingle Bells, Our Government Smells”

Current Affairs Editor Sean Mulryan reports on the recent revelation that a Christmas party was held in Downing Street last year.

US News: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Case and How It’s Sparked Controversy

International Affairs Editor, Ellie Fletcher, reports on how the recent acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse has brought the 2nd Amendment back to the forefront of American discourse.

UN Concludes Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility Should Be 12

Claire Dickson reports on how the UN’s recently conclusion on the appropriate Age of Criminal Responsibility may present dire consequences for Northern Ireland’s youth.

Under The Radar: St. Patrick’s Day 2021 in Belfast

St. Patrick’s Day 2021 represented a marked change in the conduct of St. Patrick’s Day, particularly within the student districts of South Belfast. Crowds gathered within Botanic Gardens despite the Coronavirus Health Protection Regulations being in force.