FEATURE: Is Austerity on the Minds of Westminster Again?

The Gown’s Business and Economics Editor, Edward Ferrin, reviews the impact a return to austerity would have, and how the last measures impacted young people.

ARINS: A View To Ireland’s Future

Peter Donnelly, Editor The Royal Irish Academy’s inter-disciplinary and cross-sector project Analysing and Researching Ireland North and South (ARINS) is examining the crucial constitutional, political, social and economic issues affecting Ireland, north and south, with a keen eye to events which inevtiably face society in the future. Launched in January 2021, ARINS is a multi-disciplinaryContinue reading “ARINS: A View To Ireland’s Future”


Business leaders, from Northern Ireland’s main commerce chambers, are calling for the Executive to release the dates they expect to lift restrictions. This comes in the wake of the Executive’s Pathway to Recovery plan, the region’s way out of the pandemic era. Aidan Lomas writes.